10 facts you may not know about me

23 Oct

Trying to remain a mystery to people is a little bit difficult for me. I am literally an open book. I love talking to people and I rarely ‘hide’ anything about myself.

Alex’s day 4 #FeelGoodBlogging challenge was definitely a struggle for me. I had to really think about what I could possibly write. So for those of you who are close to me, may know some or all of these things, or may even learn a thing or two and those who are just learning about me, enjoy!

1. I have literally held almost every type of job you could possibly imagine since the age of 12.

Since the age of 12 I have held so many that I really had to think about them:  babysitter (I should be considered a professional at this), camp counselor, camp supervisor, worked at an ice cream hut (Sundaes-best ice cream place in my home town), worked as a data input ‘girl’ for Michael’s potato chips in high school (don’t ask), worked as a bank teller for 8 hours (god bless those who do it for a living!!), was a hostess at Olive Garden in college, worked at my college Gym for the athletes and checked them in (this was FUN!), was the boys soccer score keeper at college (never played a day in my life!!!), worked at Structure as a sales associate, worked at Express as a Sales Associate (not as much fun as Structure), worked at Abercrombie and Fitch kids store as a sales associate (this was when I could practically fit into their clothes-BONUS), worked as a nanny for 9 years, hostess/waitress at Harborside for 3 years (local seafood restaurant…ps. I HATE seafood), tutor for many years (ongoing), finally became a teacher at 22 (13 years and counting…), blogger and now I can add to the list, Event Coordinator for Pranzi Catering (definitely a fun side job)!!!  Move over Brandon Walsh, I am the Renaissance woman!!

2.  I despise doing laundry. Most of my friends know this, but I seriously just don’t like doing it. I even live in a house where it’s on the same floor as me. I really just don’t like the whole act of having to put it in the washer, then the dryer then you have to fold it and put it away. Way too many steps for me!!! I would pay someone to do my laundry and put it away on a regular basis if I could.  

3.  I am grossed out by seafood. Again if you read number one you will see that I hate seafood (smell, look, taste, etc)  but yet worked as a waitress at a seafood restaurant.  You’re probably wondering how I made any money if I didn’t eat the food.  Well…..let’s just say I knew that menu inside and out and I was damn good waitress. Where’s my Emmy??

4.  I was born in Houston, TX but raised in Cranston, RI. When my parents were young, my dad got a job that transferred him from our home state (RI) to Texas. Back then, in 1979, Houston was up and coming. Fast forward to August of ’79 and I was born. I remember my mom telling me stories of how she would walk me in the mall in AC because it was so hot and humid. I like to say I can blame her on my shopping problem. I love hearing stories from my grandparents on how they drove to come visit me in Texas and how different it is in the south. One year later my mom was homesick and my parents moved back to Rhode Island and I was raised in Cranston (where both my parents grew up as well). I would love to travel to Houston one day. It’s on my bucket list to visit and I hope to make it happen soon.

5.  I do not eat ANY fruit. Weird but yet interesting. If I have to, I will eat watermelon and apples on occasion. I am so afraid to try new things. I like to tell people I am a texture person ~sight, color, smell, taste ~they all scare me when it comes to fruit. I may have to talk to someone about it. One year, while I was teaching, the kids found out that I was afraid of bananas.  One day while they were eating snack,  one kid decided to sneak up behind and call my name so I would turn around and see him. And there he stood biting into and chewing his mushy, smelly banana. I almost nearly died!!!! (However, I gave him props for scaring the bejesus out of me!) ps. This still makes me laugh when I think about it.

6.  I am like Marissa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny when it comes to cars. Boy, did she know her stuff.  I literally know more than some men. I can thank my Papa and my Uncles for that. From the minute I had my license, they made sure I understood everything under the hood. They made me the independent woman I am today when it comes to my car. I know how to not get robbed when I go for something to get fixed because I know exactly what they are talking about. If I had to change a tire, I could, however I also like to thank AAA for being created. I think it is very liberating that I can honestly say I can make it on my own no matter what.

7.  I watch Seinfeld and Friends on a daily basis. These two shows are my favorite. I can, and do, recite or make reference to these shows about my life on a daily basis. I can always rely on my sister and brother in law to completely understand this logic.

8.  I believe in spirits and that I have some sort of sixth sense. In the past couple of years, I have experienced orbs and spirits surrounding me. I always believed that we have angels but it wasn’t until it started to become real to me, did I decide to read up on it and/or believe in it. I am thankful for the people who do understand and know what I experience and I continue to make sure I am open to everything around me.

9. I am typical writer who can get writer’s block. Just like I am having right this second.

and last but not least (5 minutes later-got sidetracked watching Seinfeld, hence #7)

10.  I am a strong, funny, loving, independent, single 35-year-old.  I know and believe that my Mr. Right will come along and I am proud of the life I have created for myself. I believe that everything I have done and experienced will lead me to meeting him and being prepared for him. I can’t wait for the day that I can share the life I have with someone who will support me and love me for who I am. And until that day arrives, I’m going to continue on this crazy ride of life of mine.


How to make your vision come true

17 Oct

Today’s #feelgoodblogging challenge has definitely stumped me. It to me forever to come up with something that I can give a tutorial on. I thought about the topics that I love and things that I do well. I know that I love to write. I love to draw. And then I thought to myself, what do I do with both of those things….my Vision Board.

I have, for the longest time, loved making vision boards and actually seeing the things I had put on my board come to life. I’ve had many friends ask me how to make them and I’ve even had a girls night where we made them together. So much fun!

Back in March of this year, I wrote a tutorial on how to make your vision board come to life. This tutorial is something I feel would be beneficial to anyone who has always wanted to make one and didn’t know where to start (it can be overwhelming) or needs to  just visually see their dreams and wishes on a daily basis. It’s really simple and can be very therapeutic at the same time.

I hope you enjoy my post and decide to make your own!!! I can’t wait to do mine over this weekend!

How to make your vision board come to life

It’s Saturday and you’re surrounded by magazines, a cork board, scissors and scraps. Sounds like the perfect Saturday night, right? Well, for me it most certainly was. I’ve been on a mission to create an ‘adult’ looking vision board to hang in my room. I’m made them on poster board. I have even made a vision book sectioned off with all parts of my life, but I haven’t made one that I really enjoyed looking at.

So I decided today that this was going to be the day. I had just finished reading a book where the author talked about her vision board and how everything just started to happen. Now, I could totally relate because I’ve looked back at some of mine and things had really happened. And it wasn’t until after did I realize it. With a new month and a new season upon us, today couldn’t have been a better day to choose.

I headed off to Hobby Lobby (one of my new favorite stores) in search of this perfect ‘adult’ cork board. Now of course being the Virgo that I am, I have this vision of what I want it to look like and I get very agitated if I can’t find. I circled the store twice and it wasn’t until I went down an aisle I had somehow completely skipped. And there it was; the only one left. Plus it was 50% off!!!! Can we say score!?!?

cork board

Once I came home (after having a fabulous dinner with my ‘rents and of course a great heart to heart about where my life is heading~ that’s another post) I grabbed all of my magazines and started flipping through the pages. If you’ve never done one before here are some pointers:

1. Grab any and all magazines that you have.

2. Think about what you want to be the focus on your vision board. For me my soul purpose was really for a new job and love.

3. Cut out key words or phrases that really strike you. I looked for words that really represented me.


4. Organize your phrases and pictures on your board. In the top corner of my board I designated it for my new future job. The bottom left I found some words for places I want to travel to and picture of 3 girls. It represent me and my two girlfriends that usually travel together each year. The top right I devoted to my health and well-being. And the bottom right is for relationships.

finished product

5. Last, type up a list of goals you know you can truly stick to for the month. This month I’m focusing on changing my blog into an actually business for me. I am devoting my workout regimen to a new program that I can’t wait to try (I will also be posting about this-stay tuned). The third is making me hold myself accountable to writing and lastly, I want to revamp my closet again. I did this in December of 2012 when I completely transformed my closet (Out with the Old) but you should always stay on top of things. I’m starting to feel cluttered and I know it needs to be done again.

Once your board is complete, make sure you find a place where you can see this day in and day out. This is something that you need to be excited to see and want to put out into the universe that you’re ready for any of these things to happen. I know I am!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me! I love guiding people and helping them create their visions into reality.

Happy vision boarding!


The truth behind my passion

16 Oct

Today’s #feelgoodblogging challenge is asking us to share the story behind why we do what we do or simply tell what we are TRULY passionate about and why.

I have to admit it took me awhile all day to sit down and write this and I’m usually not one who gets lost for words when it comes to writing.  My journey with writing dates back to the lovely 80s when I had my first diary with a key. I would sit every day and just write about what happened or even just draw. Putting pen to paper has always been and will continue to be the best therapy.

One day when I was 16, I was part of a teen group in my church and every year we would all go on a retreat that was student lead. And on this retreat, teenagers would share their most sacred life stories and secrets that no one else outside of this weekend retreat ‘circle’ would know or even understand. During this weekend, it always ended with a Sunday mass and a teenager who was participating on this weekend retreat would be chosen to give what they called “The 12th Talk”. This talk would be during the mass and they would be revealing a piece of themselves and showing everyone their soul.

So in May of 1996 I was chosen to give this talk. I honestly couldn’t believe it. Not only was I going to be giving this talk to my peers, whom I saw every day at school, but to their families as well as my own. Now up until this point I had probably kept a journal every year of my life so I knew writing this wasn’t going to be that difficult, it was going to be what I was going to write about that was going to be difficult.

During this time in my life, I was dealing with many struggles, some of which my best friends and mother, didn’t even know about. Not only was I dealing with weight issues, I was dealing with the “loss” of my father. Now you may think, oh god she lost her dad. No, thankfully my dad did not pass away, he is alive and well, but at that time I felt and believed I did not have a dad. I was so hurt and angry at this time in my life about my dad leaving us, the only thing I could do was turn to my journal and get my feelings out. It was the only outlet I truly had.

This was the story I told during the “The 12th Talk”.

Fast forward 19 years later and I still til this day, write out my feelings and emotions to everyone and anyone I need to. Little did I know that in the 80s when I first received my pink diary with the lock and key, it would literally open up a whole new world for me. In the 20+ years since receiving that, I have produced many journals, many cards and letters to loved ones, produced a children’s book (which I’m slacking on publishing), and gave birth to this baby, my blog.

I want my blog to be a place where other women can go to and know they are not alone. Yes I love to write about fashion, beauty and health/fitness, but I also love my just a little thought. It’s a place where I know there are so many more women out there who are like me and they need to know we are in this together. I want to inspire and help those who are stuck in a place and don’t know how to get out. I give great advice, advice I should be listening to as well, and I want others to enjoy my passion as much as I do.

One day my passion will be the only thing I have to worry about on a daily basis. Until I’m ready to take that leap, I hope you join me on this crazy ride.

Follow your dreams, passion and always believe in yourself.